Happy birthday Dorico!!!

The title says it all, our beloved notation program is one year old, out there in our computers! :mrgreen:
[Edit] It’s already past midnight here in France!

It’s been a heck of a ride so far. Even more so for the team — can’t imagine how they feel. Dorico made my year definitely more exciting.

We mostly feel exhausted! I don’t think any other team working on this kind of software has worked so hard or delivered so much new functionality in the last 12 months (or maybe in any given 12 month period).

Out of interest, what’s Dorico’s internal birthday (from conception rather than from release)?

I feel your pain re: exhaustion. Daniel, go to bed!

Oh, and happy birthday!

It’s astonishing really. I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of work involved. Whenever I start slowing down on a project because of mental exhaustion, I start thinking: “What would Daniel-Paul-Stefan-John-Ulf-et-al do”?, and I go on. You guys are a true inspiration. Do promise me however that you will all continue to live a good life. Enjoy the music that you do in your “free time”, play with your children, go fly kites and smell flowers. We need you, and we need you healthy!

Amen to all of this!!

Data entry done… Proofing done… Now, it’s time for cosmetic work… I adjust measures-in-systems in .dorico to the systems as printed in the original. Time for staff spacing and innumerable tiny adjustments… Et…voilà - Done!

Once I adjusted Engraving options, I had only to adjust staff spacing in one system Dorico could not make sense of. Crazy!!

A second Amen to all the congratulations and good wishes expressed above!!!

On behalf of the team and everyone involved in Dorico, thank you very much. Let’s hope for a even brighter future.

A very happy birthday Dorico. A great team effort and the future certainly is looking bright.

Congratulations to the team! Thank you all for your dedication and for your hard work!
Do take a break!

We started at Steinberg on 5 November 2012 (which happens to be my birthday). Although we did a few code experiments in the following couple of months, we didn’t really start work on the first code that would actually go into Dorico until February 2013. I started work on Bravura in January 2013 (it was originally called Mainz, because that is the city where Schott Music, whose punches the Notaset transfers were based on, was founded in 1770). I can’t remember exactly when I first suggested that the code name for the first version should be Dorico, but it was by April 2013, because I added it to our internal wiki before the end of that month.

Happy Birthday to all of the Dorico team! I am extremely happy with such involved people as the Dorico team. Every day Dorico becomes more of me. Your feedback and support is always there. And meanwhile you are working hard on a well-run program. Thank you!

Happy birthday! You have done an incredible job this year, and I’m very grateful for your effort and expertise - both in the development and here in the forums. I’m super exited by the new features teased in todays Discover Dorico (although I know bigger things are waiting), and I feel that Dorico soon covers all my needs (superior in every aspect).

Keep up the good work! Finally - let me second Claudes advice.

Same here, and congrats on a really good and interesting Discover Dorico session on YouTube today!

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Yes - Happy Birthday. And congratulations on all you have achieved so far. I think I said a few months ago that Dorico was a delight to work with - I haven’t budged one iota from that opinion. I think you’ve achieved a lot in the last year (chalk and cheese really) and I look forward to where you’ll be this time next year.

An astonishing piece of software ( whose complexity boggles me, but then the last time I studied coding with any seriousness we were still punching holes in cards and paper tape) which I use every day, and which allows me an unprecedented degree of flexibility to change my mind in creative projects.
Thank you all.

I must say… for a one-year old, you behave really well Dorico!!!

Does that mean Dorico is now entering the “terrible two’s”? :confused: