Happy.! But, shop webpage niggle

Thanks Daniel and team for the VERY value-for-money update for us Elements users.!

Mind, at the end of the purchasing process, and pressing the big red ‘Download’ button, you’re presented with this page where the needed code is still labelled as ‘Activation Code’. It is not - it is a ‘Download Access Code’ (to be entered into the box at top of SDA).

I’ve raised it before and it still needs correcting; just something that could cause some (unwanted) confusion/head scratching… however brief…:wink:


Exactly my experience, and a small annoyance. Eventually, I’ve always been able to get my updates and upgrades in order, without raising support tickets or starting threads here, but there’s always some step in the process that doesn’t work right away.

Yes this tripped me up too, in the end I got the DAC from the email.

Steinberg activation manager won’t launch from Dorico if you didn’t enter this code into SDA.

So, you can use SDA to download and install Dorico 5 without the download access code (I did it).

But then it breaks stuff.

Thanks for letting me know about this @Puma0382 – I will ask our web team if that’s something they can easily fix.

No problem Daniel - just hope its not some big rigmarole for anyone to go and correct, or that turns out to be buried in very old ‘shop-only accessible’ HTML pages (AskNet)…