Happy fifth birthday, Dorico

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the release of Dorico 1.0. There will be a special edition of John’s Discover Dorico livestream series tomorrow (Wednesdsay 20 October) and I’ve written a post looking back at the launch week and some of the highlights of the past few years, which you can read on the Dorico blog here:.

Happy fifth birthday, Dorico!




Happy Birthday indeed - a notable milestone. Looking forward to reading the blog and watching John’s livestream tomorrow.

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Happy fifth anniverary Dorico, Team and Users!

In the immortal words of Karen Carpenter: ‘we have only just begun’. Can’t wait to see what the next five years bring!


Happy birthday Dorico! And congrats to the team, its parents! Hopeful to see where it’s going to be in the next 5 years.

Happy Birthday, Dorico!
I remember the release day very well, sweet memories. My inspiration and enthusiasm while working with Dorico continues since then. Big thanks to the team and all the best for the next five years!

While I do not have the pleasure of wishing my usual “happy dorico day!”, I can happily state, “it is a happy day with dorico.” Dorico is so essential to my workflow and I rely on it every single day… I am indebted to you all. Thank you, and congratulations on this wonderful mile stone. I cannot believe it’s been this long already… Seems like dorico one just dropped yesterday.

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:birthday: :clinking_glasses:
Buona Musica a tutti.

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Happy birthday to a kid that brought joy to my home!


Happy Birthday Dorico from me, too! :slight_smile:
Congratulations for the best dev team! :slight_smile: I wish to all of you good health, long life and happiness! :slight_smile:
To Dorico I wish always to bring innovations and to make our life, as composers, arrangers, orchestrators and engravers even easier in the future with every new update! :slight_smile:

Let the Music be with all of us! :slight_smile:

Cheers to all of you, team and colleagues! :birthday: :tea:


Cheers indeed! I have been using Dorico for only 10 weeks and am already relying on it for a professional orchestra project: MIDI import of some 1,800 bars (voices and semi-improv piano accompanied by double woodwinds, several percussion, harp, strings). Dorico’s superiority to S. and F. is blindingly obvious. Everything I need to do is right in front of me, and works well the first time. The amount of time saved fixing note values alone is prodigious – all those messy overlapping ties are a thing of the past. Bravo!

(My previous experience)

16 years on & off with Finale, from 1.0 in 1988
20 years and counting with Sibelius, still using 6

Yeah, I have those Write > Duration > Extend commands on shortcuts - such a timesaver. IIRC we have Alan Silvestri to thank for (requesting) those.

(And the Dorico developers to thank for implementing them. Happy birthday!)

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Yup, I use those ALL the time!

Many Happy Returns, Dorico old boy!

I bought Dorico 1 five years ago and have never looked back to Finale except to convert my files to xml.
I know how to do what I need to meet my constant deadlines I but I know that there’s much I haven’t explored yet and look forward to learning D4 more methodically.
Congratulations Daniel and the whole team and thanks for such devoted customer service.

Dorico has literally transformed my entire professional work. Every hour spent learning has paid me back 10 times over or more.

The enthusiasm isn’t overstated. It’s a great time to be in digital notation!


Happy Birthday Dorico! Thank you to the wonderful team of developers who created and continue to improve this fantastic program.

Salut! :clinking_glasses: to Daniel and everyone involved in Dorico’s design, development, QA, marketing / sales, and end user instruction and assistance. It’s been a privilege to be along for the ride (thinking back even to the days of that other notation program that begins with the letter S).

Dorico is a phenomenal application, one of the most remarkable that I’ve ever used (which is saying a lot, since my entire career of over 30 years in computer graphics and software development has been high-tech). Honestly, a dream come true, in several ways. If your engineers never wrote another line of code, you’d have my everlasting admiration and appreciation.


A very happy birthday & hearty congratulations to the Dorico great Team for the remarkable achievements so far accrued.
Let me wish many splendid days ahead for all Stenberg Teams, & happy music making to all current & future Dorico users.