Happy fifth birthday, Dorico

And a very tasty choice of venues for the European launch parties! The classy Bush Hall in London (what a discover!), and the ultramodern Synchron Stage in Vienna!

Dorico, really a classic and modern soul!


Wow - time flies! Happy Birthday/Release Day. It is a great achievement, and I hope the Dorico team feels justifiably proud.

Can’t wait to see what the next five years bring!

Yes, happy birthday to Dorico and hopefully many, many more years to come!
I couldn’t agree more on the celebration of this great piece of software and the amazing dev team!
A joy to use every day with great results. Looking forward to v4!

Best, Frank

Happy Birthday!! Dorico and Dorico Team - thank you for hanging in there and delivering a great product.

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Another birthday greeting to Dorico from Delaware. Having been an avid follower of the blog, I bought Dorico as soon as it was available, and have never regretted it for a moment. It’s a stunning achievement and becomes more so with each new version. Congratulations to all!


We don’t use the A-word here…!


(Thinking) we could use it sometimes… “That is certainly an avid solution for now, at least until Dorico comes out with a better fix.”

Yes, we do. But it always remains unuttered.

Happy Birthday Dorico!

Many thanks to the entire Dorico team and the many helpful folks on this forum.


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Happy Birthday Dorico Team! Truly a class act, and a huge part of my working life. I feel immense gratitude.

Happy birthday! Loving Dorico since version 1.0 — wow, five years really flies by quick, doesn’t it? Can’t wait to see what’s to come!

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Wishing all a Happy 5th Dorico Birthday and agreeing with all the positive remarks and anticipation for the future!

6th, this year. :sunglasses: