Happy fourth birthday D!

I wish all the team a happy birthday!!!

Happy birthday!!!

Yes, indeed. And if 19 October is the birthday, then 5 November marks the … conception date, 8 years ago, if that’s not a metaphor too far.

I remember following Daniel’s blog of the progress, particularly those articles comparing “Product A, B and C” to Dorico’s abilities, which were so compelling. (More of those would be very entertaining.)

I got my cross-grade in Christmas 2016 and quickly phased out my use of Finale as Dorico’s feature set grew and grew. It was v2.2 that really sealed it.

Four years - how time flies.

I was thinking earlier this morning how far Dorico has come since it was launched. Amazing, really.

I think at this stage any more development diary instalments that call out deficiencies in other products might be considered bad form, or possibly even gloating. So even if I could make the time required to pen thousands of words about these things I’m not sure I would now.

But, yes, happy fourth birthday, Dorico. I wish I had time to sit and reminisce about the good old days, but there are so many interesting things for us to work on at the moment that there’s scant time for reflection. I suppose what I can say is that when you compare where Dorico was on its zeroth birthday to where it is on its fourth birthday, it’s an astonishing amount of progress, and what’s more exciting still is to imagine where it will be in four more years on its eighth birthday.

Happy birthday indeed to Dorico and the Dorico team.

Absolutely awesome program, and awesome customer support = win, win situation for everyone.

Keep up the great work Daniel and everyone behind the scenes.


“Dorico, apply my Full Score Template to the current project.” :open_mouth:

Well, that DOES sound promising :slight_smile:

Congrats to the team on this commemorative day! Dorico has literally changed my entire musical career, and I’m deeply indebted to you all.

Happy Birthday to the smartest four-year-old I know. And continued congratulations to the proud parents. You’ve changed my game musically, and all to the good.

I’m a very infrequent contributor to this forum but I follow it closely and am a happy Dorico user since day one for my composing and arranging and also want to say congratulations on four years of excellent work and service. Thank you, all.