Happy holidays, musically

I would like to share with you, in the spirit of the holidays, a rare discovery. An Urtext edition of a well-known Christmas Carol:


Seems to be a mistake in measure 23…the melody leaps down a third instead of going down by step!

Anyway, funny image :laughing:

Well, I guess it makes sense, musically – to avoid the melody getting repetitive.


well, it IS the Urtext, so it faithfully reproduces any errors that might have been in the original manuscript :wink:

I love you people. For anybody celebrating tonight, happy Hanukkah and merry Christmas.

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The descending repeated pattern from bar 9 onwards in your “Urtext edition of a well-known Christmas Carol” reminded me of one of Victor Borge’s routines where he played Happy Birthday, asked the audience for their favourite composers and then he would play it in the style of those composers (taking many liberties in his own “creative” way, of course). The excerpt here is taken from the Bach version.

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