Happy June

Happy June everyone. Now, where do I get Halion 4 from ?


10 Jun 2011 … :unamused:

A bird sang a song …

a new version of elicencer software is here …

it’s a light on the horizon … :smiley:

All this Halion 4 release talk getting me excited!!! I almost purchased a new library for Kontakt 4, but after visiting and seeing that Halion 4 is closer than it appears I decided not to add anything new to the learning curve until Halion 4 is released.

Patiently Waiting!

4 days to go? are you sure June 10th?

Ask the bird :wink:

I was told the same by my distributor.

Does it really matter at this point? I mean with having waited so long for this, at least it IS June 2011 and it IS coming in June 2011, regardless if the 10th or the 30th of the month. :wink:

Please excuse my moderate enthusiasm… oh sod it… “WOHOO!!!” :smiley:

today? lets ave it SB!!

I’m really worried abut the CPU consumption of the new Halion. I don’t want to end using the old 3.5 version…

The differences in CPU usage between Halion One S9’0 piano and Halion Sonic SE S90 piano are HUGUE. It’s like you need 8x more CPU power than before to do the same basic sample playing (even with FX turned off).

Let’s see…

I don’t think that HALion 4 will use any less cpu than SE, so if it bothers your system, H4 certainly will.

Though I have to say that, I’ve tried to use HS (HALion Sonic, not SE) extra much to get used to some of the interfaces that I am sure will be reflected in H4. And even with like 10-15 tracks of an arrangement, my CPU meters do not show much more usage than with one or two tracks.

Granted, this particular piece did not use a piano, but was otherwise orchestral in nature.

(Windows 7, 64-bit system)

There must be something wrong with your computer. I just tried and both HALionOne and HALion Sonic SE consume the very same CPU while playing the S90 piano e.g. almost nothing at all (in my case)

Maybe low latency buffers have something to do, but I have the same results in my home computer and at the office. I just tried and the difference is really BIG.

My computer is fast enough, and most of the time I used it downclocked to 1.8ghz instead of 3.8, and I have set a buffer of 64 samples in my Fireface.
At 1.8 the Cubase cpu meter barely moves using Halion One or Halion 3.5 even with lots of voices sounding at the same time, but as I said, Halion Sonic eats much more cpu for each voice it plays using the same basic sounds.

Is it Friday 10th in Germany yet?


the little bird :mrgreen: … he sang the wrong song

This is a two-tongued little bird… :angry:

Just ordered it - excited already !


Me too :slight_smile: We’ll have to wait a bit it seems.

Where / how could you order?
In the on-line shop I see nothing abount Halion 4…