Happy St Paddys Day (musical question)

Aloha guys.

On your honour and without consulting outside sources (wiki/goog etc)
riddle me this:

In the song McNamaras Band, what instrument does McNamara play?

Happy St Paddys day!

Without going for outside help, I’m a little hazy on the lyrics - it’s been many years,
but what I remember is
“Well me name is MacNamara I’m the leader of the band”…
So I’m gonna say, no instrument.
I do recall that “Hennessey, Fennesey tootles the flute and the music is something grand,
a credit to olde Ireland is MacNamara’s Band” :slight_smile:

Happy St Patricks Day!

Close Lenny

I’ll PM you the answer

Anyone else?

I thought McNamara was a Vietnam War Criminal?


He must have been, he got a “Presidential Medal of Freedom”

No fair with the Wiki references.

tic toc - tic toc - tic toc - tic toc

I agree that Wikipedia is politically contaminated but McNamara’s war crimes regarding the Vietnam slaughter continuation and ergo increased genocide are sourced outside Wikipedia.

The best advice regarding Wikipedia is to check the talk pages for an article. You generally get both sides of the story there rather than the Politik with the prevailing power.

On your honour and with no outside references.

In the song ‘McNamaras Band’, what instrument does McNamara play?

WMD probably :slight_smile:

‘McCarthy pumps the old bassoon’

‘and I the pipes do play’

Cynical, sarcastic political posts in a light hearted thread about Irish folk song lyrics is clearly trolling behavior
and against the forum rules.
Also, it’s clearly unwelcome by the op, who felt the need to start the thread over in his 4th post.
(and still the trolling continued)
Apparently, no place is safe from the toxicity of PW, who btw, has his own forum where he’s free
to say whatever he likes.