Happy with Windows 10?

Well it took me half an hour to find this. The reason was that the statement is buried to “learn more” department. Intentional or not, you decide. But anyway, luckily there are people that dig into things for us.

It may be that I’m just a slow-adjusting type to total surveillance. I feel that for example the content of my private files are mine only, even if they did not contain anything that might interest someone. Some goes for emails. We here at least in Europe have a tradition that your letters, digital or otherwise, are private and protected as such by law. I hope that some clear boundaries are drawn to practices in the future, now we are living like in the Wild West in this area.

I share this thought 100%. We are far away from the early OS-years were an operating system was inteded to make hardware operational and do nothing more then this. It’s maybe naive from me, but OS stands for only that.

The mixture of online services withing the OS, combined with the fact that they offer it for free opened the gateway to unlimited access. I guess in time we will see court cases where access to user information for an online service will be limited to the type of information a certain service needs. That’s the way privacy regulations are made. But if you take something for free, for the moment means you are selling yourself and all the information the provider wants to harvest. It is an overextended interpretation of what can be allowed under EULA. But since there is no or very little supervising on the topic for the moment in this globalised information network, i guess it will be a long road to get it back on to acceptable levels.

And yes, gouvernments are gathering information in a similar way, every big company is doing it, so meanwhile the best thing is to be aware that it happens, and be the best behaving surfer of your class. :laughing:

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What I mean is that the function in W8, where the “Start” button took you to the tiles or “Start Screen” (which is really meant for touch screen or tablets) has gone back to more like it was in W7 and it opens a pop up menu where you can access apps, favorites, settings, etc.
on W7, I was primarily a task bar guy also and I have W10 setup with commonly used apps in the task bar. But if I want to open a program buried in the “Start Menu” it seems easier now (maybe it just seems easier because it is “familiar”).

I’m delighted with C8 under Win10 so far.

It’s running much better than under W8 for me. I’ve not had a single crash yet, where as in W8 I was something getting a crash every 15mins. (Using the same projects + plugins)

I did have a BSOD issue when using C8 in W10 but realised I hadn’t upgraded my Babyface firmware, i’d only upgraded the drivers. Every since then it’s been rock solid. :sunglasses:

windows write is worse then the older version in win 10 :slight_smile:

You can’t even save an in the document incorporated picture separatly.
Overall i find that “apps” are way less functional then their counterparts called program in the past.
(i hope this is on topic, since “happy with” hopefully doesn’t mean you have to be happy with it in every aspect)


Did not read all the linked-to sites in this multipage thread, but have heard the same about Microsoft’s harvesting data through W10.

Also that this can be turned off, but only in the W10 Premium Edition (not Home), but even then is difficult to do so.

I’m very happy with Windows 7 Premium, and actually regret “registering” for my free Windows 10. At least it was not on my DAW machine, just a laptop for general use (though I have used it for MIDI recording in Cubase 7.54 and Cubase AI7, I hope Microsoft doesn’t mess that up with “Yeah … UPDATES :slight_smile: :slight_smile:”.

the HOME buddies can do the same thing. but it is as stated before in the topic, better to go for a local account.
In fact it is the same as in win8 or win7, once installed you can make a local account. You have no admin, but you still have your password.
if so, you can…
The grabber in the admin account is still present, but it isn’t online. It is a local account that is.
So if you exterminate the grabbing in the admin account, then the local is quite save, and save overall.

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