Rebuilt from the original which dates back to 2003. :open_mouth:

There were a couple of other contributors on this one (Wolfgang Menzel & Dave Smith) and many of their vocal and guitar parts I have retained, but again its my turn to sing! :smiling_imp: The song has been significantly restructured and some parts deleted entirely. Its perhaps still not an ideal structure, but certainly more cohesive I think than the 2 or 3 version of original ever was… and after all, its not actually intended to be a commercial radio hit! :smiley: I know Kevin will probably shudder at the thought of revisiting a song that many times! :laughing:



Nice song Ian…sounds like a stage musical song, I am curious about why you revisit your old songs though…Kevin

I do the same things w/my stuff lol. It’s never done unless we print a CD I guess. Since I never heard this 1st let me tell I really like the mix and the keys the gtr. Breakdown synths fit perfect so enough criticism right.

I try to move on too, but if you’ve got a good old one that can benefit from a makeover with better vsti’s and give yourself a chance to sing your own, why not? Not my favorite tune of yours, but the mix sounds good. I guess somebody contributed the bass part? Different from your usual.


I like this song but I think the production is too big. Sounds like you have thought about this song a lot. Don’t take what I say with too much weight as I just prefer simpler arrangements.

It’s actually very well arranged and performed.

Thanks for the listens and comments. :slight_smile:

I guess that’s one of the main points… an oldie can be given a fresh lease of life with new sounds, ideas and of course new skills. My early mixes really do sound quite awful to me now :confused: I’m being reasonable selective though about which ones I’m plucking out of my ‘back catalog’ which actually has more to do with the lyrical relevance to my album project and of course their singability (by me :confused: ). There’s a bunch of tunes I’d love to re-manufacture but I know my voice is not up to the task… but I might remix some them one day with the original vocalists who in pretty much all instances did a far better job than I ever could.

You’d have hated the original versions then! :laughing: But there’s some method to my arrangement approach. It opens pretty sparse… piano and a few other sounds… but for me if I kept it that simple throughout… well, I know I’d be nodding off after a couple of minutes. :wink: And really I’ve pumped up the arrangement at 1:22 to better support what’s happening lyrically - a complete shift in mood as it were. :sunglasses:

Thanks :sunglasses: