Hard drive passed away - New install or not?

Hi guys,

Need some advice, I’m sure it happened to some of you…

Suddenly my SSD hard drive (Samsung EVO 850 of 512Go) was out. It was not recognized and does not boot windows 10.
But, I can still access to all of my files connecting it as an external hard drive. So I can say that I haven’t lost all my life.

I already bought I new SSD hard drive, a Samsung EVO 870 of 1To, but I have a pain in tha ass to recover my last system image. Windows error 0x80042407 saying the the new hard drive is too small!

I considered 2 things:

  1. Call some tech to try to re-install my last system image on my new hard drive and pay for it.
  2. Re-install everything…

I’m pretty sure that this situation already happened to a bunch of you guys.
Solution 1 can be expensive and no gurantee over the result
Solution 2 seems sooo massive. I can’t even imagine from where to start, how to deal with all the plugins to install, all the licenses, from manufacturers, eLicenser, iLok, and all the setup and preferences in Cubase, even in Reaper, etc…

So, what did you do?

Any advice from experience is welcome

Is your new 1TB drive already partitioned or formatted? In that case the partition might have a size that doesn’t fit for the system recovery. The easiest is to have a completely unpartitioned drive. If you already have partitions on that disc delete them before recovery.

For your case of restoring Windows 10 to a larger disc there is a description on how to this on a Microsoft community page

How to restore a Windows 10 system image to an existing or larger - Microsoft Community

Try to follow these steps and see if that avoids the error.

Thanks for the tip. The new drive is unpartitioned so I don’t know…
The tutorial indicates how to extend the volume when the restore occured without issue which is not my case… so this does not work for me

The easiest and likely overall cheapest (depending on how you value your time) approach would be to buy a bigger drive.

It is.
The new drive is two time bigger…

You may need to format the 1TB SSD FIRST (if not already formated) to be able to restore the backup image. I used a system image from a 256GB SSD to a new 512GB SSD, with no issues, apart from this…

Some plugins needed reactivation.
Some plugins, lost their Presets and had to be reinstalled.
Software Hubs needed to be signed into again.

Reactivation was due to the fact, the new SSD had a different footprint to the old SSD I had previously. Some software companies will regard certain hardware changes as a completely different system, requiring reactivation of their software.

If I were to change my system drive again, I would be going for a clean install, personally.

Got to agree with this one. But not all the libraries will need to be reinstalled if you have them on a different drive, libraries like IK, Toontrack, Steinberg Absolute, NI etc, may not need reinstalling.

Incidentally, make sure that your System Image is not buried within sub folders '. If it is, move it to the fore of your drive. Sometimes the address can be too long where Windows is unable to read all the files it needs to.

Yes, I’m starting to consider it too. I am just affraid of messing around too much with the preferences, etc…
If I copy/paste all my steinberg folders from AppData > Roaming from the old into the new drive could I get at least Cubase as it was?
Can I copy/paste for instance also all the sample libraries from Cubase instead of downloading them again?

I believe you can, but you will need to point the SLM to the libraries location.

Someone may chime in if I’m wrong.

I agree with @Prim_69 - I personally would go with a fresh, clean install myself as well. There are just too many ways things can go wrong otherwise.

Also, a fresh install is like a spring cleaning - it gives you a chance to reconsider whether you really need all these plugins, whether your setup and preferences are still serving you well, etc.

But - it’s a lot of work, so that may not be the way to go for you because of that.

Yes, you might be right. Beside the hell of a work to do I am also freaking out thinking about how many errors I will have trying to open a project…

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Been there in various guises…

Fresh drive is a fresh machine. Use it as a chance to start over without the baggage. On occasion I’ve had serious driver crashes and had to start over - at the time it seemed horrendous, but within a few days of getting the new drive up, I found I really didn’t miss a lot of the stuff that was filling the old drive and while I had it backed up (usually) realised it could stay backed up, and I was better of with a fresh clean build.

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Exactly the same here too.

Really considering now in going for a fresh install. I feel that is what most people around encourage me to do.

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In order to save time and headache, can I copy/paste the Steinberg folder in AppData/Roaming from the old drive into the new one to get my setup and preferences like it was?

Can I copy as well the Steinberg folders/Files from “Program Files” and gain some time to not download again every Steinberg Plugins and Sample libraties??

No, this is not going to work. Programs are not just copied into this location, they need all kinds of install work, like registering libraries or adding registry keys. You need to install the products via the installer.

Btw. this is not a Steinberg issue, this is how installations in Windows work in general.

Damn, too bad… But ok.
At least, will it work for setups and preferences by copying the AppData/Roaming/Steinberg folder ?

I don’t think you need to copy the Roaming directory. From what I see in there these files will be recreated anyway when you install the software. But if you think it will help just take copy.

This happens when you update Cubase to a new version but also when you re-install it from zero? Does it work with your account credentials then?