Hard Drive Setup

For a laptop with 2 internal drives, should only the DAW program, VSTs and plugs be installed on the system drive while song folders and sample libraries are stored on the second?

That is probably how I would do it, yes. Just be sure you are backing up the song’s regularly to an external hard drive. As the saying goes, “In Digital, if you don’t have it in 2 places, you don’t have it at all.” Happy Recording!

I even use a 3rd hard drive, just for my song projects, but in a desktop PC.

As said, I also use a USB external HDD for regularly backing up all my songs…I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t.

Thanks, just wondering if having a combined drive would be more efficient than having a 3rd external FW drive only for the sample library. And, yes, lots of backups!

Can also back up projects to a second partition on the OS drive, though having it in at least two other geographically-separate places would be best. One can be in the cloud, but need to be careful that the T&Cs for it don’t automatically grant them a licence to use your material as they see fit (as some popular free ones do, or at least did).