hard drive speed importance

I recently downloaded an app to test the speed of my hard drives and was surprised to see that one of my SSD drives, the one that handles my audio files in Nuendo, performs much better than my boot drive, also an SSD.

I’m curious as to how much of a boost I would get to my productivity if I upgraded my boot drive by buying a speedier SSD. The boot drive that I currently have is still a lot faster than any of my “conventional” drives.

M2c: insignificantly …
Probably not worth the effort nor money, if not something else requires a boost and the ssd is
otherwise doing its job well enough.
I run 3 SSD DAW PCs and 2 Gaming computers and the existing differences in SSD-speeds are not
noticeable. I replaced a system SSD on one DAW PC once with an quite faster type and it did not
influence the DAW work for me in any rocognizable way…

Servus, Big K