Hard drive upgrade and Cubase 12 PRO

Hello all,

I need to upgrade my hard drive of my PC that runs Cubase 12 Pro to a bigger hard drive. I plan to clone my current hard drive to my new one. Does Cubase 12 licensing/activation mechanisms support this kind operation ?. I have also the same question if I upgrade my PC RAM from 16GB to 32 GB.

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To make sure everything works fine I would deactivate the license before the drive upgrade and activate it again after it is done.

You can do this in the Activation Manager on your machine, or online in your mySteinberg account.

RAM Upgrade should be completely irrelevant here, but even if it has an impact, you can do the same deactivation and activation after the RAM upgrade.

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You can use your Cubase Pro 12 license on up to 3 computers. So if the Steinberg Activation Manager asks you, you can just activate the license again. Of course, you can deactivate your old system, to keep the seats for another computer.

The simple answer is: no worries, it will work and you will be able to use Cubase 12 after.

Thanks guys !