Hard drives and setup for music production

When it comes to hard drives and how to set things up when recording. As I understand, this would be a great way to set things up:

Drive 1 (SSD): OS and Cubase (…and other programs)
Drive 2 (HDD): VST’s and their libraries
Drive 3 (HDD): Cubase projects (recorded audio)

Would this be the best option?

Also, I guess it’s only necessary to have a backup of Drive 3, because everything on Drive 1 and 2 could always be reinstalled, right?

The best option would be
Drive 1 SSD
Drive 2 SSD
Drive 3 SSD

SSDs are silent and super fast and do not require defragging the only downside is cost against capacity. You did say what’s the best? The best is an all SSD setup!

I would suggest installing VSTs and VSTis on your system drive, only VSTi libraries should be on your second drive.
You’re right about your plan for the third drive.

And, as PeppaPig said, all SSD setup would be the best, although HDDs drives will do the job just fine, especially if you have huge sample libraries where cost of large SSDs would be a concern.

Backing up everything important is always a good idea, essential really, because sooner or later you’ll wish had done so :wink:!


Not quite so, HDDS are just fine for anything except, maybe, really massive projects.

Thanks for your suggestions. I’ve already had my share of hard drive crashes, and ever since I clone my hard drives.

SSD for all drives is a good idea.