Hard page break in Cubase 9 pro score editor

Can anyone help me with this? For a large classical piece I need hard page breaks in the score editor. I’m on Cubase 9 Pro. I tried everything, but can’t get it to work.


What did you try ?
Why not simply move down the first staff after the place(s) where your break(s) should be, to the next page ?

Select the staff you want to move to the next page. Right click on the filled rectangle to the left of the staff. Select move to next page.

Thanks for the replies!
I want a page break somewhere in the middle of the staff. So moving a particular bar to the next page.

Select your staff
Then go to Scores>Advanced Layout>Number of Bars (Ctr+Alt+B)
Set the number corresponding to the number of bars on the last staff or system of the page, before the bar you want to move to the next page, and click “This Staff”.
Good luck.

Thanks! That works.