Hard Rock Clip Addictive Drums Amplitube 3 Roland TD-9 Video


Put together a kit with Addictive Drums. I do all the compression and EQ outside of AD though. Plays really nice with my TD-9 kit and Cubase. Check out the video and have a listen, I think the kit sounds pretty nice. Also used that AFD 100 and Anger from Amplitube 3. Really digging that too.

Man this is such fun!! I was drummer for a couple of years (just hobby) but to just have these awesome sounds right at home without annoying the neighbours…definately on my wishlist…
Sounds awesome!

Greetz Dylan.

Yeah nice setup. I agree the kit sounds good, but I’m not a fan of the kickdrum, it lacks some low end in my opinion.
@Dylan: Don’t think an e-kit is completely silent. I still can’t play mine after 10 at night, mainly the bassdrum still gives a decent thud that would wake my neighbours.

Okay, but if you play loud on your headphones you can’t hear them complain right :smiley:

This is true :sunglasses:
I recommend playing with headphones regardless, unless you spend quite a bit of cash on a dedicated drum monitoring system. I run them off my Alesis monitors sometimes, but those are obviously focussed at the mixing position, not my drumthrone.

I have the drums on a rug with those rubber workout mats underneath. They are the ones that snap together. Seems to keep down the noise of me stomping. The head on the kick drum is a tad loud though but there are mesh ones that are probably quieter.

Overall it triggers pretty well. I’ve tried a bunch of different VSTi drum programs and am really liking AD. I even have Superior 2 since I was a user of the original superior I upgraded. Either way, it is a blast to play these drums and not have to worry about the furnace kicking on in the middle of a recording. I was recording my acoustics in the basement but that has passed. It is a pain in the butt.