Hard rock/heavy metal instrumental

Hi all - I normally do acoustic based recordings but tried going for a Foo Fighters type vibe for this track.

I recorded it in Cubase 5.5 a few years ago with the stock Cubase amp sims for guitar and bass except for the lead which I used the Amplitube 3 (5150) head. I had all but forgotten about it but remixed in 7.5. It’s all itb.

Did I mention I love Addictive Drums 2?!?!?! :smiley:


wow some great playing .i think you`re gonna have to complete some of these tracks .

Thanks polgara! I’d like to finish this one but don’t have the vocal chops to do it. I thought about adding a guitar melody over top throughout the song and make it completely instrumental.

There are a few Foo Fighters songs that I recall liking, though I’m not terribly familiar with them.

Guitar is my first instrument though there isn’t really time nor motivation for me to play, been a few years now actually. When I was playing I loved playing Dream Theater, Malmsteen, Batio etc. Overall I thought that the guitar performance is good, though the amp setting is a bit too trebly/scratchy to my ears. The solo is good overall too, though there are a few scuffed notes (I’m a stickler for clean performance.)

What thickness of pick are you using? For shredding I used to use a 1.5mm and it delivers a very clean sound when attacking the strings, you tend to hear less of the pick noise and more of the note compared with a thinner pick; ideal for shredding/rock/metal as Gilbert, Batio, Malmsteen, Petrucci have mentioned at some point in tutorial videos.

Yeah, get some awesome vocals on there and I think it’d be really cool.

Invincible came on autoplay after, no idea why that wubbing synth bass is in there, ruins an otherwise emotional performance/composition imo. However, the other synths add a nice tone to the track. A synth bass could easily work without a wubbing or distorted tone, but the wubbing undermines the vocal performance, not enhances and I thought that the vocal was good. I think that the synth bass should somewhat complement the tone of the other synths to sound really good and consisent. The wubbing is pretty alien to the style/every other instrument. Good track overall though and I enjoyed listening, just scrap that wubbing synth bass please.

Hi Jonathan5456! Thanks for listening and commenting. Metal is admittedly of out of my wheelhouse although I admire Malmsteen, etc. It was just fun to push myself to try something different.

Invincible is not my composition. I was a member of www.duelingmixes.com for a while and that was one of the songs we were allowed to mix. I think the dubstep sounds are cool but but definitely require skill to tame in a mix.

Hi, nice shredding! Thanks for sharing.

You did a good job anyway, will be cool to hear it with vocals if you get to add that one day. Ah, well. Dubstep in general does take some neat production skills at the high-end of the genre, but not every instrument/sound complements others well. It could be the best produced dubstep bass ever and it would still undermine the style of the composition and emotion of the performance. Anyway, get working on those vocals! :wink:

Ditto! Good stuff. Doesn’t make me think of Foo Fighters but there’s some tasty guitar shenanigans going here.


Thank you all for listening and commenting! Defintely helps to keep me plugging away at the Daw. How many of you are using the Cubase native amp sims?

Agreed! :slight_smile: