Hard time to install UR44

Just bought Steinberg’s UR 44 and installed the software (I can listen through UR44’s headphone terminal when coupled to my Laptop). However, that’s about all I got.
Page 9 (Operation Manual), the Windows paragraph ‘How to Open the Window’,

  • does not let me change the shown sample rate of 44,1 kHz,
  • does show the Steinberg UR 44 as device, but
  • does not show the word Asio, neither Buffer size, nor Input/Output latency (thus nothing can be adjusted).

With so little options to ‘set’ variables I wonder if continuing the description of this experience is fruitful. Question at this point: what I do wrong. Any suggestions?
Thx. Maarten Siebel

What you describe sounds like the device running in Class Compliant mode, without the ASIO driver.

You need to install, or verify you have the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

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Steve thanks for your reply, apologies for late acknowledgement. The cause of the chaos? a massively ‘contaminated’ computer. Reinstallation of Windows made a huge difference … UR44 installed smoothly.
My reason for purchasing the UR44 is to make music with friends abroad, using Jamulus. But to enhance my understanding of that beautiful gadget, I’m going through manuals & software, trying to understand the dspMixFx UR44 Mixer.
One bottleneck is that I can barely see that mixer on the screen when running the software, it’s small and dark. QUESTION: Is there a way to display that such that I can actually see what I should see and work with it?
Would appreciate your thoughts.
Thx. Maarten Siebel