Hard to line things up in Cubasis

Does anybody else seem to have difficulties getting everything to be tight in Cubasis?
I record audio from other apps in Cubasis then due to the low grid resolution there isn’t a position that makes everything line up nicely. On top of that the audio clips go out of sync when looping a section like it’s triggering the samples from a sampler but the MIDI is off sometimes. I really feel like I could get a lot of work done in cubasis because I love the portability of the Ipad I’m just having troubles making things sound tight.

I hope I’m not the only one who feels this and that it can be improved upon in the near future.

I totally agree. We need a higher grid resolution and a way to lock tracks so they don’t move.

You are definitely not alone!Tracks losing"sync"is an absolute no go and my biggest complain about the app.And it’s not only audiotracks,it happens with Midi as well (internal instruments or Audiobus)Things start to get more and more"wonky"the longer i work on a session.Sometimes drums and basslines are SO"untight",i can’t believe this.I can understand that midi sync of apps (on the same device)can cause trouble but a Sequencer Software should run TIGHT at least with internal midi/audio.

It often doubles my work when i bounce or record audio because i have to manually cut them in peaces to place them to the correct position.But then the low grid resolution kicks in…

Or is this an intentional"human feel"option that i overlooked in the menu? :wink:

Anyway,would be a drunk human then…

(btw,it doesn’t matter which iOS.It is the same behavior in iOS 6 and 7)


This is really holding back the application, any plans to improve grid resolution? At least in the audio editor?

Yes,I figure this is problem…if you just import audio track from media bay and copy paste it they are not lined up…WHY?

Can someone from Steinberg reply on this and give solution please???

Yes, i am in the same boat.

Yesterday i worked on some larger audio recordings, and it’s takes a lot of time to zoom
And edit the audio file, yes better grid and more sample edit tools please.

I think the biggest deal here is the fact that there is no way to fix timing issues because of the extremely coarse grid resolution. Even with the snap turned off the audio jumps to these imaginary grids when you try to move it into place. It just jumps back and forth and you can never get it in the right place. I’ve never seen such a coarse PPQ in my life, can we get a boost on this?

Horrid. Has this been fixed?

I’m not sure that has made the important move from “feature” to “bug” yet!

Freaky! Noticed that the community isn’t as active either.

Yes, this would be extremely welcome.
We need a better way to snap to grid or to existing clips, and also be able to lock clips in place.