Hard to set same values in Mixer and Automation editor

I find that I can set a value of 1.49 in Mixer but in Automation editor, that value is not available. Likewise, so many other values are not available that are available in Mixer. In Automation editor, the values spin at higher intervals skipping some in between which is why it does not allow us to set values precisely.

Also, please allow us to set values easily - like keying in a value instead of using the finger. I love Automation editor but it is frustrating to use it because setting precise values is painstaking and sometimes impossible. Same issue with Mixer too.

The value displayed at the right near the scrollbar at the right edge in automation editor is gray and barely visible. Please make its font color black or white.

You could implement spinners to adjust values in small increments.


I’ve also found this to be a major problem. Would the Apple pencil be able to enter values more precisely?

After struggling a lot with tuning/swiping up/down to the desired value, it changes and assigns a different value to the control when we release the finger/pencil. There is no way to just simply key in the desired values. Very frustrating.