Hardstyle kick

I’m new to this Forum so if there is another way to get my answer please let me know.

It’s been a while since I worked with Cubase. I started making Hardstlyle kicks for learning purposes. When I created a nice kick I’d like to work with. With tons of distortion and eq etc. I render the kick and place it in a project where I want to use the kick. I lower the volume because it’s overloaded as can be. And then all the crunch and distortion is gone. Even though I rendered the kick as a wav file. It’s like Cubase doesn’t render the fact that I want it distorted and crunchy as can be. I get an ordinary kick instead. Did I buy the wrong program here? Or is there a ( :laughing: 1500) step program I need to take to get the kick in the track? Without losing the whole body of a Hardstyle kick of course :open_mouth: . This program has got me like :question:

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What is the Render (In Place) settings, please?

Hey thanks for the help.

The settings are: Mode, as separate events. Processing is on Channel Settings. Properties, Tail Mode Off, Bit Depth 32 bit float.
Mix down to One Audio File. Keep Source Events Unchanged.

That is all I can see that can be changed.


How do you make the distortion?

Ahhh. Hardstyle… I made this the other day for a laugh.


What a releaver of stress it was, soo much fun. First attempt. IT’S HARDER THAN STYLES! BPM’s cranked up. Back to your project. The adjustments you’re making to your rendered kick must be happening before the desired effects. Try rendering the full path.

@ Martin.Jirsak

Making a Hardstyle kick is ussually the case that it clips like crazy. Maybe around 50db above normal sometimes 80 db. It’s basically just 1 big overloaded kickdrum. The distortion is made with Distroyer, eq, then again distroyer again eq. Untill is sounds nice. It’s just stacking of plugins to get the crunchy sound of a (commercial) hardstyle kick. Thing is, the moment I want to render the kick it doesn’t go so well. I have to open another program to get the kick right. I already have a lot of issues with the program because it’s unstable as hell. And this is all there is on my pc so I don’t get it. It’s like one big bug. It crashes a lot, it keeps forgetting my setting in the control room etc. It’s just one pile of massive shit since I have this. But for now, lets get to work on the rendering part. It takes out the problem of having to switch programs for something a program like this should be able to do by itself. Let me know what you think pls

(Don’t mind my frustration, it’s just that it’s frustrating me an expensive program like this doesn’t work as I intended it would be)


Do you use these plug-ins as Inserts? Or do you use Direct Offline Processing? Or how do you apply them?

As Inserts on the kick channel


Everything seems to be setup correctly here. Could you please (just for test) try to change Bit Depth change to 16 bit in the Render Settings, please?

I can’t believe I’m saying this… but that was literally it. When I think about it, I understand it. Thank you so much!!