Hardsynths to sync with Cubase 6


I have a Virus KC and JP-8080 and I’m running Cubase 6 with the Steinberg MR816x.

I’m able to setup midi channels for my hardware devices and record the audio, however I cannot seem to get the tempos of the synths to sync with the project tempo, I’n wondering if there is something which i need to setup or enable in Cubase to get them to sync.

Help would be much appreciated with this, I’m able to set the tempo manually on the virus but on the jp-8080 is near impossible to get it accurate due to the oldskool knob approach.

I’ve since managed to get my virus to sync with Cubase, however my JP-8080 will still not sync :frowning:

You need to send MIDI clock messages to the JP-8080. See also page 144 in the manual for the JP-8080.
Hope that helps,