Hardware acceleration for synth/instrument similar to UAD or Steinberg hardware for DSP?

I might be giving away a million dollar idea, but I’m wondering if there is anything similar to UAD’s hardware devices that process DSP plugins to take the burden off the CPU, but does it for synth/instrument plugins.

Steinberg defines the VST format, correct? I’m wondering why they haven’t branched into hardware acceleration for VSTs in general, beyond their own DSP plugins. Seems like they could print money if you could buy a USB device that let’s you run a ton more VSTs than your DAW can typically handle

Windows 10 version 2004 has introduced what they call " Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling" but I think that’s only for graphics as it’s in the graphics settings menu. Is this something that helps overall. It claims to help with latency but I guess they’re referring to graphic speed and not audio.
Does anyone know whether this is worth switching on for running with 10.5 or perhaps on the contrary, does it caause any unwanted issues?