Hardware CC-messages with motorized faders.

I have recently bought Cubase PRO 10.5 and wonder what is the best hardware with motorized faders who can send CC-messages in automation? I have a hardware called Presonus Faderport 8. There is a template for inside the Faderport 8, but it doesn’t work as excepted. I’m working with Studio One 4.5.4 because the Faderport 8 and Studio one 4.5.4 are really good synced with each other and it works perfect.

I know CC 121 from Steinberg but it’s not a CC-message Maschine. Can anyone of you recommend a Maschine like Faderport 8 but will work perfect for Cubase 10.5. I have always worked in Cubase for almost 20 years, but when I found Faderport 8 with Studio one 4.5.4 I just liked the way to work and finally found the perfect combination of hardware and software.

But I would really like to work with Cubase 10.5 PRO again, but the only thing I want is a good and stable hardware with motorized faders who can send midi messages like CC and everything, because I think that Cubase 10.5 PRO is the King of the DAW:s for composing Film Score.

Anyone who can recommend a good Maschine?

All best, Fred King

Hi and welcome,

CC121 also sends common MIDI CC. The “problem” is, Cubase recognises the device and automatically assign it as a Remote Device. So the option would be to set No Input and No Output Ports in the Remote Devices. But I’m afraid you would need to do this after every single Cubase start.

Now the question is, what exactly do you want to do? What is your use case? What do you want to control via the faders? Why Faderport 8 doesn’t work to you? What’s wrong with it?