Hardware changed (Elicencer) software licence could not be fixed

No biggy , just when i start up the Comp (new build ) ,all programs and licences work fine , that’s brilliant BUT if i check the eliencer tells me of a system/hardware change for a soft licence . I don’t use soft licences for these sorts of reasons .
If i run as admin , EL come up with a 22 error ,if i open EL in normal mode , it asks me to repair the soft licence which it tries but no joy , so i reinstall the latest elicencer (as i know this has been an issue ) and i run maintenance and it fixes the issue until you reboot and the whole cycle begins again .
All samples/midi files /programs work , all licences work perfectly well so im not fused but if someone knows how to cure this little ill then … I’ll be your best friend for half hour


Just an idea: check if Cubase is activated (in the activation manager)

Cheers , it is , i’m using it ,plus all content is working , ive got a funny feeling that it could be something to do with ever GAse standalone or Hs se , both of those i never use but again they are both working .