Hardware controls inaccessible in mixer


I’ve had my UR824 for a while. I originally used Cubase 5 Essentials which I had an e-license dongle for (which has now been lost!) and then swapped to Reaper which I’ve been using for a while. When the new upgrade to the UR824 hardware came with a version of Cubase AI7 I thought I’d give Cubase a go again. I was really excited by the new low latency guitar speaker emulations inside the DSP.

So I upgraded all the software and then installed Cubase AI7. Everything was fine until I tried to access the hardware rack on my mono input channel. I wanted to select the guitar emulation and then edit the controls of the amp. The column for the channel on the mixer is too narrow to reach the edit button or the routing options on the hardware rack! It’s not possible on my set up to resize the columns or maximise them to see this. After a few restarts I managed to get my mouse to click on the button on the input channel and then when i finally got the amp controls up it won’t recognise the signal coming through the mono input on the UR824. I can hear the guitar but it’s not being affected by the DSP effects. The Channel strip (sweet morph) stuff works fine but not the guitar amps.

Can this be an issue with the e-licenser? When I try to add the amp emulations as a normal insert it says there is no e-license available for them. I had thought that this version of AI7 and the hardware fx ran on a soft e license?

Anyway, after lots of forum searching, multiple reboots and reinstalls I still have the same problem! Anyone have any idea?

Perhaps you need to adjust the channel width of the mixer.
Regarding Amp sims: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=157&t=48894#p300630