Hardware delay compensation?

Hi all,

Anyone know how delay works for external gear? I know that if I set up a FX as an “external effect” there is a ping function, but what if I’m just using a group channel to send to an outboard effect unit? Will Cubase automatically adjust for latency or do you have to dial that in manually?


I have a synth running into my interface, and there is an input running into the synth. So the outgoing signal needs to enter the synth in time to hit the enveope. Output delay and input delay are not the same, but will cubase correct for it?

Also I have an external side chain signal going to an external compressor that takes audio from an external source, is delay in my side chain signal going to be automatically compensated for by cubase?



in all cases is the Delay applied. The only one case, when the Delay is not applied is, when the track is Record Enabled, or Monitored. If you are using a Group, routed to the External FX, then this is true (there is no Delay), when any of the track of the Group is Record Enabled, or Monitored.

The ping function is to compensate for the external devices through latency. Cubase takes care of it’s own latency

thanks all :slight_smile: