Hardware inserts / mute solo automation

An issue that has frustrated many users has been the strange behavior that occurs when using group tracks and mute, and solo automation. When tracks are un-soloed other tracks that were automaically muted to fascilitate the solo fail to return to passing audio until their respective mute button is toggled. Other forms of this bug have never been completely eradicated up to now. What are the odds of it having been repaired in nuendo 6 ?

My other hope is that nuendo’s ability to remember the routing configurations for hardware inserts between sessions is repaired. Many users have complained about this as well.

Any info on whether these issues have been resolved in Nuendo 6 or Cubase 7 ?

Could one of the moderators please comment on this please?

Bump. The hardware inserts issue bugs me. Also, I can’t get a proper latency “ping” for my hardware using a UFX.