hardware inserts with a limited mixer.

I have lots of hardware effects and want on various different hardware synths, I guess the answer is learn and get a patch bay and ditch the hardware inserts on my very limited mixer?

What exactly is the question? :confused:

best way to route tons of hardware to tons of hardware?

An audio interface that has Tons of inputs and outputs.

K, im mixing 36 channels of analog synth right now. Each on its own track into cubase and waves.
Not sure I can afford a 48 channel mixer.

PreSonus StudioLive 32.4.2AI 32-Channel Digital Mixer looks nice.

Id still like a second ADAT interface and a patchbay. My anemic Alesis mastercontrol, works awesome but the hardware inserts are pretty limited.
There 2 mono hardware inserts.

I have 6 24 space racks of gear and I run the pci motus 4 24i/o’s 96 ins and outs ,so it’s real nice to have it all hooked up just pulling up a comp or verb…then what I do is if I need a hw effect on multiple tracks I will print the effected track on a new track version.so I can use expensive gear on anything…love it !! Plugins and hardware rules!!..but look on eBay the pci motus are way down in price now .you can pick up some of the hardware cheap…and works great ,goes down to 16 samples buffers…eventually I am going to the madi route with Orion’s I can get 3 cards in the computer for like 512 channels…but expensive…hope this helps