Hardware midi controller

after a first reading of the manual I would have some curiosity.

I would like to know if it is possible to freely assign pedals, knobs, buttons and physical sliders to different parameters for each layer. for example:

song1: on the same physical keyboard
layer1 - piano
layer2 - synth pad
layer3 - strings
layer4 - strings 8va

Is it possible with 4 different physical sliders to control the volume of each single layer? and eventually the same physical sliders can be assigned to the layer of another song to control, for example, the cutoff of a filter?

with Cubase I was able to do all this with a meticulous programming of Transformer inputs on each Midi track assigned to virtual instrument

Check the Devices/Actions panel, where you can assign MIDI commands to control Layer Volume, Pan etc., and quick controls. However, these are assigned to numbered targets, so you can not address each parameter of each plugin separately yet.

Nevertheless, we have already started to implement features which should cover your needs (and more), stay tuned.


Thanks for the reply. this is a fundamental and indispensable requirement for a keyboard player. I will definitely buy the software as soon as these requests are implemented, for now I will continue to use Cubase for my live

may I ask when do you think these important features will be available?

the second it is released :wink:

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Not yet.

We are currently investigating what you guys ask for the most. Problem is that everybody wants everything, and it all is most important so the main task is to prioritize (and you can help with that).
This feature is certainly one of the most important, and thus should be available in Version 1.1 (no promise but very likely), also Song End action (Stop, Next Song) is very high on the list.

Thanks, I understand this is really tough!

However, I am happy that my requests are at the top of the list :innocent:

Hi, I’m more and more intrigued by the new born in the Steinberg house …

I was wondering if it is planned to make sure that one or more layers containing VST instruments can be “shared” with different songs and / or other layers, so as not to open the same instrument “x times”

You can share instruments (check “shared” when selecting).
You can also drag Layers into the media bay and use those wherever you want.
The same goes for Parts (possibly with multiple Layers).
Finally, you can save default Layer, default Part, and even default Song, so when you create any of those, they will be there right away.

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