Hardware not found or already in use!

11 Pro, fresh install, fresh windows 10 pro, latest updates and the latest drivers.

Had no issues before the fresh windows.

So the AI is an Eleven Rack, was working fine, perfectly in fact.
Could swap from Eleven Rack to ASIO4All whenever I wanted.

Now on this fresh install it seems there is a clash somewhere.

Cubase sees the Eleven Rack and it sees it as a Midi controller and SOME of it’s inputs/outputs, it doesn’t see all of them.

I can’t load the Eleven Rack itself as the Asio driver, in the Eleven Rack control panel I can see it go from “not streaming” to “streaming” when I start Cubase, so it’s being recognized, just I can’t use it.

Plz help I’m borderline murderous.

SOLVED: For anyone in the future googling:

Windows 10 Pro 20H2 with the latest 11 Rack driver for 20H2 gave me issues.

However a previous version of the 11 Rack driver made them talk, all good.