Hardware not running in cubase 9

Hi Guys

im new to this forum even though iv been a cubase user for around 10-12 years,

iv recently upgraded to cubase 9 and ever since im having an issue with linking up my hardware to it, what is happening when i link up my midisport 2x2 and open a midi channel make a midi part its fine but as soon as i hit the keyboard it crashes my hardware units, the hardware then completly freezes untill u disconnect the midi interface in cubase, then the hardware goes back to normal.

has anyone else came across this issue before ?

i have tried 2 different midi interfaces incase that was the issue.

i have a video of what happens but i cannot seem to upload it.



Hi and welcome on the forum,

Make sure, you have the latest MIDISPORT 2x2 driver, and make sure he driver is compatible with the OS you use, please.