"Hardware" on rack not showing for one of the inputs (UR28M)


I want to have the hardware DSP on input 1 so the talent to hear the verb and not me.

I have a UR28M.
The main mic is connected to input 1.
Talkback on input 2.
Nothing on S/PDIF.

In Cubase, I have the “Hardware” option on my rack for Input 2 and SPDIF but nothing for Input 1.

Why it’s like this?
Is it a routing issue?
Is it a connector issue?



So you mean the Input Channels (with the red faders), right? Could you share a screenshot, please?

Thanks for the help!

Yea, the input channels from the physical interface that shows up as red faders.


I guess, because it’s stereo in, if you creat 2 mono in, hardware will be at each channel.

Do you have a licence for the dsp stuff in your elicencer?


Only 1 of 2 buses is YAMAHA hardware, the 2nd one is not connected. Therefore you can’t see the Hardware in the MixConsole.

For XLR input add a mono bus in the Audio Connections > Inputs.

hey guys, thanks for the responses!

I realized my mistake…the stereo input I originally had thrown me off, I also forgot about my talkback mic on channel 2.

thanks, everyone :slight_smile: