Hardware question: Studio monitors/speakers/audio interface


NEW QUESTION: So I have a studio monitor, midi keyboard, a ddj sx, and a macbook. How do I wire the cable connections so that I can use my monitors for regular computer use, mixing, and then production without having to switch wires, which is what I am currently doing?

In original post, i was using a kontrol s4 and thought about getting the NI audio interface but now I just want to be able to use the studio monitors for multiple reasons without having to switch cables back and forth.

Also, I would prefer to use TRS cables for my monitors versus the RCA.

Thanks for answering.


So I have two scenarios.

Firstly, I want to be able to connect to regular speakers for listening to music/Youtube and other things when I am not producing and then I have monitors for producing also set up in one computer desk area. I want to know how I should set it all up. I thought I come to DJTT before I go to guitar center. I was looking into Native Instruments audio interfaces but am not sure if I need them. If I do, do I go with the audio 6 traktor or do i go with audio 6 komplete. Basically, I will have my laptop, midi controller/keyboard, and mixer (for when I dj), studio monitors and then computer speakers. I want to have a clean set up with less cords and easy switch over between the monitors and speakers.

Second question, do I even need regular speakers or can I possibly use studio monitors for production and youtubing, media etc. If I just go with studio monitors, I would probably still need an audio interface? Right? And if so, maybe some suggestions on which one should I get.

I have been saving up slowly to get my room set up for production, djing, and also just daily computer usage the right way. Currently using an S4 (reason for choosing NI audio interface) but making the move to cdjs in the future.

I appreciate the answer guys. Thanks.

I’d say you should use the DDJ as your audio interface at all times, that solves everything right?
I don’t use Mac, but I’m sure you can tell it to use the DDJ as audio output device instead of the built in audio.
You can connect the monitors to the DDJ using XLR/TRS (I don’t know what connections it offers, but probably at least one of those options…)