Hardware Question

Would an Avid HD 16 IO work with Nuendo as a sole interface ?
OSX_core audio

Thanx !

You will need a AVID interface card (HDX or HD Native) … i have that kind of setup - it’s fine!

Thanx so much :sunglasses:
That is reassuring to know. It will be a PTHD native/Nuendo co install on a new Mac pro OSX 11.1xx

The sad thing is…I’ve posted this same question on a few forums ( GS & DUC ) without much of any response.
Even my local Yamaha/Steinberg tech support sent me a weird reply :

“Nuendo uses Mac OS ASIO drivers as well.
The Core Audio drivers do not perform well enough.
I’ve double checked with a senior tech, they also feel it will not work using Core Audio.
For best performance Nuendo require ASIO drivers for MAC and PC.”

Oh well…
Thanx again basicX

Hey, the thing is, i am with windows 8 here - so of course its ASIO…
But i guess it will work also on OSX and core audio. Seems kinda strage to tell it will have trouble with core audio … In generall, core audio does not suck! And, its more about the drivers and not about nuendo! Nuendo would work with your built in audio on a mac :wink:.

Core audio has no Direct Monitoring.
So, for, zero latency, you’ll need extra hardware accelerators, which you don’t need on Windows (ASIO)


You don’t have direct monitoring on any AVID Asio driver… :wink:

I don’t know. My knowledge here is old, referring to a while ago.
But I do remember reading about problems with AVOID’s hardware drivers for non AVOID applications. (Bad latency, weird cpu glitches, only the first 8 channels working…)

I would not be surprised if the quality of the AVOID drivers for other audio applications would be below industry standard.

Nonsense… They perform okay… RME and that kind of might be better, but i work on 64smp on big sessions, all native!
And the new converters are still top end… Their asio performance is like their performance in their AAE, okay :wink:

This is actually getting a tad funny to read… :astonished:
My original question still do not have a positive and confirming yes or no, even there are couple of conflicting answers posted. :smiley:
I do realize that I’m looking for a hardware/DAW/OSX/driver compatibility solution.
I also need to manage budget, deadlines ( summer break ) , availability, future proofing beside multiple users specific needs for space, monitoring and backwards compatibility.
Somewhat of a chaotic scenario if you will… :confused:

However, I have now a couple of workable solutions.
I should add that my home setup ( in my sig ) is and has been rock solid for years. But I cannot duplicate that & the TV studio for many reasons. [ large Choir/Orchestra recordings, the discontinuation of A&H GSR-24 production, as well as the FW interface support being slowly dropped across the board]
Now I’m looking into a co install of PT 11.1.xx and Nuendo 7.xxx on their Mac trashcan.
The new console choice at this moment is the Toft ATB 32 ( replacing the dying Amek ) and AD would be handled by 2X Motu A16 AVB boxes via Thunderbolt.
Chasing house LTC by “Rosendahl mif4” and WC via the Motus.

Then I need new furniture…
Thanx all for reading and sharing your views. :wink: