Hardware rack in Nuendo for Steinberg interfaces ?

I can’t find this information, so i suppose that the Hardware Rack is a Cubase only feature ?

If this is the case, why is it not supported inside Nuendo ?

Not a Cubase-only feature. Are your inputs connected in Audio Connections (previously VST Connections)?

No i didn’t try. I have no Steinberg interface yet.

I did not find this in the Nuendo manual.

The hardware rack is not present in Nuendo 8. Does it appear only when a Steinberg interface is connected ?

Yes, that’s correct. I have a UR44, and I I just double-checked, it does show up in Nuendo.
2018-05-09 17_14_42-MixConsole - versions for scoring.png

Thanks a lot for this answer. So the hardware rack should be available for all UR interfaces.

That’s how it’s supposed to work, yes. I only say it in that way because I only tested my UR44.

I did check the interfaces manuals down to the UR12. The UR242 seems to be the smaller interface with this capability.

Sadly it is not possible to make something similar with other interfaces brands, because it is not possible to put a Device Panel in audio track channels.

The only way to do it is to add Midi channels, and with limitations, only Midi protocol is supported in the Device Panel. MOTU for example is using HUI, MCU, or OSC protocols to control the interface DSP mixer and settings.

Still possible to do it using Midi Translator Pro to convert from Midi to MCU for example, but it is a lot of complication. More the device panel creation is not easy with Nuendo, the device panel creation GUI and graphics for knobs and faders seems to be 10 or 15 years old…

It would be simpler if Nuendo would support MCU protocol in the Device Panel, and allow to put them in the audio tracks channels.

I did try with the UR44 : hardware rack is there in Nuendo 8.2 (PC version).

But i get no hardware rack with my new MR816CSX interface. Is that normal ?

The MR816x / MR816CSX manual explain that the hardware rack is available within Cubase. So logically it should be here inside Nuendo that is a higher end software.

Is there a something to do to get it working in Nuendo ? Perhaps a Cubase DLL missing in the Nuendo directory ?

Actually, the outdated (very small window) MR editor mixer application is needed to control the interface mixer. But it is not possible to run it when Nuendo is running : it display an error : “cannot use IEEE 1394 port, it is being used by another application”.

So if i’m right, the MR816CSX is not really usable with Nuendo. At least for tracking music. Hopefully i’m wrong and something can be done to solve the problem. If not i hope that next Nuendo version will fully work with the MR816CSX.

I did try with Nuendo 7.1.40 and here the Hardware Rack is present for the MR816csx.

Seems like Nuendo 8 did drop support, or at least this is something that has not been tested.

Did someone else test this ?