Hardware settings panel disappearing

The panel in Cubase that let’s you change MR816 volumes/headphone routings etc keeps disappearing from the Cubase menu. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not. Anyone else have this issue? Is there anything that causes this to happen or is it a bug?

Do you mean it is appearing and disappearing all within the same Cubase session?

No, I think it’s more a case of sometimes I load up Cubase and it’s there and sometimes it’s not. I haven’t specifically notices it disappear during the course of one session but I will keep an eye on that.

The next question is, do you always turn on the hardware and wait for Windows to recognize it and initialize the drivers before starting Cubase? If not, that is most likely the issue. If so, I have no idea.

I usually leave my 816 always switched on. Maybe when I boot the computer I need to leave it a few seconds before opening Cubase. Will try that.

This just happened to me! Were you able to resolve this? Mine was working fine as of yesterday and now the Audio Hardware option is missing from the Devices menu. So weird…

The only way I have been able to resolve this, is to turn MR816 off, whilst in open project, which has C7/8 asking I/O question, but turn MR back on and check Yamaha option: Hardware options reappear. It happened, to me, in C7 and now C805, I have mentioned it, previously, but received no reply!

The problem is with the signal levels. I have to have the master out of the mr816csx unit turned up at unity in order to send a signal to these external units, but unfortunately that then in turn also turns up my master volume to my monitors.

There’s a setting somewhere that links/unlinks the levels of the various outputs. You need to change that setting so you can adjust the signal going to your monitors without messing up your external hardware levels.

There are reports of connections memory/preset problems, which I have also experienced. I wonder if this is part of the same bug. MR still works, just shows up, sporadically, on Mix Console and under Menu.

Curious, now it’s happened to me, too. At least 3 times, now.

Still occurring in 8.0.10, but with the recommended tweaks, no more ‘surges’. Another method I have come across to bring back Hardware Control, whilst in a project: open Control Panel from Device Setup and change Internal/FX from Coax or v/v, which need to do, if utilising Channel Strip or Coax Input.

Don’t let your computer go to sleep?

Thanks for idea, that used to be the case with some soundcards. There doesn’t seem to be any apparent pattern of sequences, sometimes a project has the settings available and sometimes it doesn’t!

I never had the problem, so the 816 works audio in and out and only the MR extension fails ?

This is our problem…

I had this problem a while back. I finally resorted to reinstalling the MR software, and it has (touch wood) been stable since. The only thing I can think of is, since I installed the MR software before Cubase, that the Cubase installer messes with the MR software somehow.

Try removing the MR software and reinstall it, to see if that helps.

Hey, thanks: been using for hours, open/close, old projects, piled on top of each other. All this previously would guarantee a no show of Hardware Control at sometime, but this has worked!
Looking at my logs, I always have installed hardware devices first, relatively obviously. Thanks again and I have a piece of wood handy…

Are you saying you reinstalled the MR816 and it seems to have cured the problem. I’m going to try this. Like you, I have always installed hardware drivers prior to installing Cubase.

Yes it did. But I can’t tell if it was the cure, or just a coincidence. But it might be worth a try.