Hardware/softwear problem

Sorry to put this on here,. I have put a similar question on the steinberg hardwear threat but with no luck.

I am not able to record through the channel 2 of my CI2+. It was working now it isnt. I’m probably going to have to send it back for replacement/repair.

When I play through channel 2 there is an audio signal both through the speakers/phones and showing on the transport on cubase. However when I set up a recording channel there is no output through that - there is no problem with recording through channel 1. I would add that up to yesterday I was having no trouble recording through channel 2 - I was using my boss drum machine through and my piano it which makes me think its a hardwear fault unless anbody has a better suggetion? As I say the signal is going through because I can hear everything no problem, just no recording??

According to my ‘devices’ setting on VST Instruments, all is set up as it should be and indeed was so no answers there.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



Hmmm, if the signal’s showing in Cubase it must be goint through the converters. Are you sure the output routing for the track is correct and that it’s going to the Main Outs? Is the Monitor Button enabled as well as Record?


Yes the monitor button has been on, but I’m beginning to wonder if I have actually been recording out of channel 2. I have a single input stereo bus with two mono channels and a stereo output set up Do I need to set up another one specifically for channel 2?

You definately need seperate mono input buses for each channel. Make sure the inputs aren’t linked in the device’s control panel or mixer, if applicable, also.