Hardware Sound issue - where is it?

This is not strictly related to Cubase but I wondered what peoples opinions are about this audio issue which has arisen on my system.
I run Windows 64 bit. My audio is thru a focusrite Liquid 56 - updated drivers. I rently bought two large screen TV and I am running these as dual monitors. My graphics card is a Nvidea Gt610 (updated drivers). I have the TV monitors hooked up to my core i7, 12 gig, via two DVI cables - DVI the card end HDMI the TV end.
The TV’s both have their own sound on board, and the drivers show up on the system, but I have disabled all drivers in Device manager except the Focusrite (which is firewire). I have I am getting sound… however

Before I could open videos using GOM (I use a lot of Willie Myette piano tutorials, utube), two or more at a time and control which sound I heard simply by muting the ones I did not desire - Gom did this before. I do like this player as it has an AB repeat function and can start where you left off yesterday. Now, this is impossible as the only video with sound is the first one opened and no subsequent player has sound - no matter what I do. I have a few media players on my system and many of them are now quirky, some have lost the ability to set volume (this still lworks via the control panel slider), some have lost the ability to open more than one instance - useful if your dipping in and out of training videos. Real player (which uses Flash has no sound at all).

Web pages generally work. I can have two or more pages open and hear sound from mutliple pages. However on about half the sites the volume control in the volume player does not function. I get around this by using the volume control for Windows which I keep is the system tray, however this effects everything playing via MME.

One last point, yesterday I was loading my PC with my focusrite off and Still I hear the windows logon sound!

I am at sea as to where this fault is, is it in the players? is it becuase of the TV monitors? Is it windows?

Any help appreciated


Turn off windows sounds.