Hardware/System for Cubase7 and UR28M

I am currently using Cubse Artist 7 and UR28M on my 5 years old pc with Win XP and its 2GB ram.
Unfortunatelly with this it is impossible to work efficently so I have decided to buy new pc.
I am composing music and want to use several VST. I am also make computer graphics /Corel Draw X3/

I would be very grateful for adivise if listed below is correct to work with Cubase Artist 7 and UR28M /Corel Draw/.

thank you a lot.

1 Intel Core i7 3770 3,40ghz box [3 generation]
2 MSI Z77A-G43 (G3) - socket 1155
3 Kingston HyperX DDR3 2*4GB 1866 MHZ XMP CL9 Predator X2 /total 16GB/
4 Kingston 2,5 SSDNow V300 120GB (serial ATA 3) 7mm
5 WD Green 1TB WD10EZRX 64GB cache SATA-III
6 be quit! pure power L7 630W
7 BitFenix Merc Beta Midi Tower
8 Asus DVD+/- RW DRW-24BSST/4F1ST bulk
9 Radeon 7770 Gigabyte OC 1GB HDMI&DVI&2xminiDP (PCI-E)
10 MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit SP1 OEM PL

I just want to add I want to use it with Halion Sonic and EastWest Orchestra gold.

I would be grateful for you help…
thank you.

3770k is very good at handling anything you through at it ,it’s a very good processor so yes go for that , the motherboard I haven’t had any experience with but the asus p8z77 pro is the one most go for ,and the only other thing I could give you help on is the graphics card , the hd7770 is not really a great card , your better off spending an extra £30 and getting the hd7790oc with is a superb card with some great reviews , anyway I run this style setup and it runs beautifully . :wink:


Oh please! For a DAW you don’t need a graphics card with great 3D game performance. In matter of fact you might be happier with low-performance fanless card (less noise).

have you owned the Hd 7770 card ?

filterfreak thanks!! As I am new here, your reply helps me a lot.

jarno’s right if your only using one screen but if your using 2 or more then you do need a better graphics card but I have owned the hd7770 and only used it for a couple of months as it was a bit laggy and the hd7790 (asus chipset) preforms a lot better .
This is not a gamers comp ,it is purely a DAW and that’s all it will ever be but running HD graphics on 3 screens with Cubase 7 is a dream .

anyway good luck with your build !


Of course not. I have never bought a gaming graphics card on a DAW … and still never had graphics card performance related issues.

OTOH. Can you provide any Cubase performance figures regarding hd7770 vs. hd7790oc?

nope only personal experience in the real world !!