Hardware tab in mix console has inactive UR fx

Hi, am going nuts so really appreciate your expertise on this. From other posts I have the idea that the UR824 ‘hardware’ fx should be accessible on the hardware tab of the mix console. The fx doesn’t respond to my mouse. I’m not sure how this should look and attach a screen shot. Possibly the option is greyed out. I have set direct monitoring in the device setup which I believe I have to. My aim is to hear (UR) fx while recording guitar/vocals but with little latency. The reverb editor, headphones etc controls on this tab all respond. One thought i have is maybe the UR effects need to be activated. I have registered the UR824. Could the dspFx have not installed? In Windows 10 I can fire up the UR console so presume the fx would have been installed at the same time. I’ve just registered the dspFx and the soft e-licenser now shows the fx suite (though this was my problem but no change to hardware tab). I can’t see fx in the standalone UR mix module either.

It is not showing in your picture but on the right side of the Hardware signal chain picture, there is a line that goes down. It shows where in the hardware signal chain the DAW gets it’s input from. First, you need to put your mouse there and scroll down (most likely, again I can’t see it in your picture). Right now, you probably have the DAW taking it’s input BEFORE the hardware effects, etc., so they don’t apply and are greyed out. If you can scroll down to the middle, the effects will be on for monitoring only (via direct monitoring) but not recorded. In the bottom position, the effects will also be recorded. HTH (and I hope I got it right!)

Hi Jaslan, thank you sI’ve it’s almost solved. My channel strip width wasn’t wide enoughto reveal what insert point. ONe last thing. How do insert the amp simulator fx intop this hardware strip? It’s there is a use the steinberg UR vocal/guitar project template . Many thanks

You need to “widen” the channel width to see the line coming off to the right side of the hardware signal chain.

Trying to figure out how to upload a picture to dropbox but I don’t see a way…???

Also can’t figure out how to upload an attachment. I have done it before and have some in my profile under “Manage Attachments” but can’t see how to upload another to use in a post.

Thanks a million jaslan youre’ quite right, I needed to widen the strip and then have the configuration in the middle or bottom position to be able to have a choice of amp when clicking on ‘chstrip’.

Glad to help. Could you comment on how you uploaded those pictures to your profile?

Hi Jaslan, sorry I missed oyur post asking how to add an attachment. I captured the screen shot using the wiondows 10 snipping tool and save to downloads tyhenb when creating or subsequently editing my post (pencil icon) there an attachments option bottom left that takes you to the attached screenshot. If not clear let me know. AHa, to add this recent attachment I had to select the full editor option at the bottom of my reply to you before I could see the attachemnt option. ON the attachment tab there’s an ‘add files’ bottom left (I had to make the window wider to reveal.)

Thanks for the reply. I see it now. I was looking in my profile at the attachment manager but didn’t realize I add the attachments right in the post itself. I am probably wrong but I thought in the past I had to upload the attachment to my profile FIRST and then I could use it in posts.
Anyway, I have it now and appreciate your response.

Glad you sorted it. I’ve found this forum works really well.