Hardware upgrade: To SB-E or not to SB-E

Im looking at spending a bit of cash on a new laptop workstation which will ultimately be based on C6.5 and audio production… Im finding it a bit hard to figure whether i should go for a Sandy Bridge-E I7-3930k 6C/12T or an Ivy Bridge I7-3770k which is apparently prone to over heating ( Im guessing Cubase on a laptop will most likely compound that) which offers about 10 to 15 % better performance… the I7-3930k apparently has a bench mark of 13k + !!! that is impressive in any language… would C6.5 utilize the extra 2 cores and 4 threads effectively or should i go Ivy? does anyone have some suggestions, alternative or a clear winner… im basing this around a 17.3 1900x1080 monitor, 2 hdmi outputs good 2gig graphics card, most likely 128 gig SSD and 500gig 7200rpm smart sata 2 HDD , USB3 outputs external sound card which i will probably upgrade from my U46mk2 :confused: Oh also im buying PC not Mac because im able to get a massive discount on a custom built HP

Cubase is a multi-threaded application.

lol right… yeah sorry thats not quite the answer i was looking for, i was hoping someone could be a little more helpful! SB-E 6core vs Ivy 4core as mentioned in my original post

I run that CPU (3930K) without any heat trouble.
The limitation of the system is the ASIO throughput, not the CPU.
When the ASIO hits 100% at low latency (32 samples) the CPU is only at 50% max in eco mode.

So it’s fair to say, at this point this CPU has loads of overhead you won’t be able to use unless you have an ASIO system capable of handling the same throughput :wink: