Hardware USB driver version 2.0.2 for Mac

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver for Mac.
The version 2.0.2 now ensures compatibility with macOS Catalina and resolves some minor issues.
For detailed information, we ask you to refer to the corresponding version history on the download page.
Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber

As soon as they are installed, my Mac Os Mojave system does not recognite the UR22c anymore, at all.

Tried many reinstalls, reboots, firmware upgrade, nvram reset. Sometimes it appears shortly, but then disappears again.

Without the drivers it does work.

Not the quality that I hoped to get.

The solution was that its necessary to ass a security permission in the mac os pefrences after installation.

This should be better highlighted in the installation docs / in the installation routine in my opinion, instead of wasting space in the doc file accompanying a mac software for the installation description for windows (oh well, I know you have more work than to manage multiple documents, but its really useless to shove windows install instructions on users that download a mac driver - and the importance of wasting text to tell users that it’s not allowed to copy audio files you dont own… well, not very necessary…)