I’m looking at the Akai EiE interface and was wondering what connections I would need to connect it to my Ipad 4.
Will i need some kind ofUSB to Lightening adapter? Is anyone using this interface with Cubasis or alternitivly is there any other hardware I should consider? I’m wanting to record vocals in to Cubasis on my ipad and then upload to Cubase 7. I would also like to have the flexibility of using the Interface with my imac and my PC laptop. I need 2 in 2 out (audio) and midi.




I don’t know about the akai Eie interface. For recording vocals, I own the alesis io dock and that makes the job, , has 2 in and 2 out, midi in out too and some extra features.
I’ve heard about the Behringer istudio which seems very close to the alesis io dock.

EDIT: the alesis io dock isn’t working with the new lightening connector. You’ll have to use an adaptator

I’ve been very please with my Roland Duo-Capture EX interface. Connect to an iPad using the Apple camera connection and USB. It has a lot of great features and can even run on batteries for ultimate portability.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think the Alesis will work with the iPad 4 due to the lightning connector. For the Behringer, there is a version called “Thunder” which does support the Lightning connector.

Would love to hear if someone has found a way around the lack of lightning support for the Alesis since they are rapidly dropping in price (probably because they are about to release a lightning version, lol).

meta-redundant you’re right.

I’ve read the post a lil bit faster. I’ll edit my answer in order to avoid mistake.

So the alesis io dock is allright for ipad 3 but would not be ok for ipad 4. You can use an adaptator, like it’s described here : http://community.alesis.com/alesis/topics/ipad4_and_existing_alesis_io_dock but the ipad wille not sit in the dock properly. Behringer istudio thunder is probably a better solution so.

One more for the apple connector policy…

For the EIE (NOT pro… The red one) you’ll just need a lightning cck.
I’ve been using mine with my iPad 3 for over a year with zero issues.


Any other questions about the akai let me know!

Thanks Guys!

Looks like there’s a couple of good solutions for me. I like the price, flexibility and build quality of the EiE so I think I’ll go with that.

Now lets make some music!

I wasn’t aware of that I/O, and let me say…WOW :open_mouth:

Seriously thanks for this video, I would never have thought of using that interface with the iPad without your awesome video. Cheers!

You are very welcome. I’ve been shouting it out ever since I got it working, and akai won’t even acknowledge it which is weird. I had the video kit for the iPhone laying around (component video and stereo out with charging capabilities) and I use that when my iPad gets low on power, and use it with my iPhone to route back into the EIE if I need more horsepower.
People go on and on about “I don’t want it if it doesn’t charge my iPad” or “it’s only 16 bit” but if you want IMHO the best solution for the money right now it’s the EIE.
I think George Carlin was the one who said “you can’t have everything, where would you put it all?”