Harmonic CursorMarker/Ladder Ruler (Feature Request)

Just purchased Spectralayers and found a lot of great functionality in it so far. I really like the dynamic FFT selection (i.e. being able to drag to adjust the FFT and seeing what you can pick up at certain lengths) as I’ve not had a program that can do that yet vs from a menu that then re-draws.

Once suggestion that would make SpecraLayers indispensable to me and greatly speed up my editing is having Harmonic Cursors (sometimes called ladder cursors) in the Spectral Markers option.

Two cursors/marker based on harmonics:
-One based from Zero (0 Hz) that expands out to where you click/select in the Spectral Markers/Regions menu (In practise it would be very similar to the harmonic selection tool, but rather than a selection, a permanent Marker based of a fundamental the user picks and the number of harmonics set by the user)
-One Side-banded from a central frequency you can click/select in the Spectral Markers/Regions menu

The only video/photo I can find that demonstrates this is quite an old one. It shows frequency along the bottom vs the side, but the principle is the same.


Hopefully this is possible? Would be a fantastic addition (for me anyways) to the Spectral Layers markers available.