Harmonic fundamental? Cello Range?


Is there a way to specify the fundamental (open string) of a harmonic? In the attached picture, the harmonic c on the fourth beat should obviously sound G4 but Dorico plays C3. These harmonics are very frequently used in French impressionistic music and 20th-21st century music. If one could specify the fundamental, it would disambiguate the situation.

Also, the default cello samples seem to stop around A5, but the cello range is substantially higher. The fingerboard ends around E6 but cellists are often asked to play much higher, a6 or even c7.

Is there a way to get these sounds somehow?

You may have to reproduce an MS given to you for engraving, but I would write the resulting notes with a harmonic circle over them and then simple say “sul C, G” above or below.

Also FYI the playback range of Cello is going to depend on the VST you choose - it depends on how the VST vendor recorded the samples regardless of any range color/warnings

the harmonic circle usually indicates a sounding harmonic pitch, so dorico is interpreting it correctly. Diamond noteheads are used to indicate fingering pitch.
For correct playback of natural harmonics, also make sure that the string property is correctly set in the properties panel!