Harmonic Minor key signature in Score Editor

How do I set a Harmonic Minor key signature in Score Editor in Cubase?

e.g. C# harmonic minor

IMO there is no difference between harmonic and melodic minor in the key signature… So c# is just with 4 #, like E (major)!

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Btw, as our friend Schönberg says in his Harmonienlehrer, “harmonic” minor has a meaning only ascending or resolving, certainly not descending. That’s why isn’t a key signature.

Thus for instance, practicing at the instrument, a minor scale should be harmonic ascending and melodic descending.

Minor key sig. with accidentals it is, then. :+1:

The accidentals due to minor harmony, must be written in the score, not in the key signature.

Yes, that’s what I was meaning :slight_smile:

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(Exactly!) :slight_smile:

Thank you

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