harmonics feature for string instruments

Hello, my source music looks like this:

How can this be reproduced in Dorico?

I cant find an octave shift property…
harmonics Dorico.png
harmonics original.png

I found the answer using the well known “just play with all the options till you get what you want” method :slight_smile:

In Dorico, this is an artificial harmonic - because of how artificial harmonics work (stopping one pitch then touching another one) we describe this as changing the harmonic partial rather than changing the pitch, as that’s the end result. There are different styles of artificial harmonics, of which “pinch” (as included in the above comment) is one, but be aware that different styles of artificial harmonics can imply a difference performance technique.

Documentation for harmonics starts here in case that’s of use :slight_smile:

Thank you Rob and Lillie,
„Pinch“ is the magic word which gives the wished result :slight_smile: