Harmonics Playback (Strings)

Sorry for my barrage of questions, just trying to learn the string playback techniques options here very quickly and I don’t have a lot of experience with notation software. Is there a reason that the harmonics playback (on both Halion and NP) in this example doesn’t play the sounding result as it should? I am expecting to hear the D, as in the example, 2 octaves higher. What am I doing wrong?

I don’t know. I hear the correct note (on both Halion and NP)

although some libraries have issues with the correct octave when notating an artificial harmonic with the 4th partial as you seem to have done, it works correctly with NotePerformer as Janus says – just tested your exact chord to make sure. Are you sure you’ve not changed anything in the Expression Map?

Thank you for checking. I am not sure what the issue is. Neither Halion or NP play any of the harmonics. I even reset all of the settings on overrides and and playback but it’s the same. Can’t figure it out.

and you definitely reapplied the NP or Halion Playback Template in case something has got corrupted? If so, I suggest posting this project or relevant section so we can try it out – there’s probably an innocent explanation somewhere.

Thank you, I decided to re-install everything since some other features aren’t working properly (for microtonal playback I have to manually choose VST for Halion from the expression overrides menu instead of leaving it on auto). If this doesn’t help then it’s probably my own fault not using the harmonics feature properly. In which case, it will still be helpful to understand what I am doing wrong.

It must be me since I reinstalled everything and it didn’t work. For ref, this is how I would do it in Sibelius ARTIFICIAL HARMONICS - SIBELIUS TIPS - YouTube
If you wanted the playback to play the first harmonic in this example, how would you do it in Dorico?

Just enter the E quarter sharp, set the harmonic property (artificial, 4th partial - which creates the A quarter sharp) hit P for playback! It really is that simple.

I’ve downloaded your file from here String Harmonics playback issues - #3 by Janus and the harmonics don’t play for me from here either.

Wow no idea what changed, I reinstalled all of the sound packages for the second time today and now it works!

This file is great now that I can hear the harmonics in playback. Thank you for making it. I am sad I spent 4 hours trying to troubleshoot this as reinstalling again solved the issue, but I am happy to have found this file!